Development Status Of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Coil
Time: 1687919100
The hot-dip galvanized steel coil was invented in the middle of the 18th century, and it was developed from the hot-dip galvanizing process. At present, China's steel industry in the variety, quality, cost, service and labor productivity and the world's advanced level still has a certain gap, in the face of increasingly fierce international and domestic market competition, must accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, which is not only the survival and development of China's metallurgical industry, but also the development trend of the world's metallurgical industry.

After fifty years of development, the continuous hot-dip galvanizing process of steel strip has become a mature and technologically advanced industrial technology, and so far, hot-dip galvanizing is still the most common and effective process measure applied in steel corrosion prevention methods. In the construction industry, galvanized steel coil is used in various industrial and civil buildings of light steel keel, building layer panel, corrugated board, roller shutter door, etc., in home appliances and light industry, used for all kinds of household appliances shell and bottom plate, galvanized steel coil is widely used in light industry, home appliances, automobile and construction industry. In the automotive industry, it is used for automobile bodies, shells, inner plates, bottom plates, etc. China vigorously develops electricity, transportation, communications, energy and urban infrastructure, with the strong development of construction, home appliances, automobile industry, China's galvanizing industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and huge markets.

In the past two decades, the continuous hot-dip galvanizing technology, equipment and corresponding control means of steel strip have developed tremendously, so that galvanized steel coil can meet the harsh requirements of automotive panels and home appliance plates, and thus replace it with its cheaper than electro-galvanized alloy steel strip and excellent corrosion resistance. This project intends to learn from foreign advanced hot-dip galvanizing production technology and equipment development technology and experience for high-performance automobiles, and break through the bottleneck that restricts the development of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet production technology and equipment for high-performance automobiles in China through technological innovation, optimized design, precision manufacturing and foreign technical cooperation. At the same time, the importance and prospect of the development of hot-dip galvanizing technology in the sustainable development of the national economy, energy conservation and minerals were discussed.