How To Control The Color Difference Of Galvanized Steel Coil?
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We all know that the color of galvanized steel coils is diverse, and the coloring problem, how to control the galvanized steel coil without color difference, etc. are all problems that our manufacturers need to overcome, and it is also the key to ensuring product quality. The size of the substrate zinc flower is different, and many small pits of different sizes are formed at the grain boundary, which has an impact on the color difference of the plate surface, especially for light colors. It is best to use zinc-free or small zinc flower substrates. How to control the color difference of galvanized steel coil, the production equipment uses natural gas for the oven temperature, the oven temperature is balanced, there will be no time period temperature difference, and the paint must be adjusted evenly before production.

The stability of film thickness has a great influence on the color difference of steel coil. The adjustment of film thickness mainly goes through the viscosity of the coating, adjusting the gap between the sticky roller and the coating roller of the roller coater, changing the roll speed of the coating roller and the sticky roller, and adjusting the pressure between the coating roller and the strip support roller. Regarding the control of galvanized steel coil leakage, the leakage is formed by factors such as swimming, deformation, and oxidation of the substrate. Of course, controlling the color difference is the key factor to ensure product quality, so it must attract the attention of each business personnel to ensure the availability of the product more effectively. Due to the uneven mixing of the paint or the different viscosity of the barrel, the paint extends from the side of the feed port to the direction of the return port in the material tray, showing a color difference band. In addition, replace the color of the coating, the special ratio is the color contrast is large, due to the cleaning is not clean, pollution forms color difference.

Through the above content, we can see that the color difference problem of steel coil is normal and inevitable, so it is recommended that users should try to buy all at one time when purchasing, and the color difference problem of steel coil produced in the same batch may be relatively small.