What Is The Purpose Of Zinc Flower Of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Coil?
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What is the purpose of zinc flower of hot-dip galvanized steel coil? Because the total output of raw materials with zinc flowers in galvanized steel coils is relatively small, can hot-dip galvanized raw materials with zinc flowers be replaced with hot-dip galvanized raw materials without zinc flowers? Next, the editor will introduce it in detail for everyone.

There are two kinds of hot-dip galvanized steel coil zinc flowers, one is all normal zinc flowers, and the other is zinc-free flowers. In the past, hot-dip galvanized commodities because the lead in the zinc liquid could not be refined very pure, and there were always some zinc flowers on the surface, so people's old consciousness of hot-dip galvanized steel coils was said to have zinc flowers. With the development trend of the automobile industry, hot-dip galvanized automotive sheets to do spraying regulations, zinc flowers are harmful to spraying, and then according to the zinc ingots and zinc liquid lead exceeded the standard to tens of ppm, people can manufacture no zinc flowers or very little zinc flowers of goods. All normal zinc flower is to say that after hot-dip galvanizing, the zinc layer is cold under normal conditions to obtain zinc flower, it is said to do general main use. The key to zinc-free flower commodities is that according to the unique production process, generally the lead is manipulated at a certain level in the zinc pot, or after the hot rolled strip steel comes out of the zinc pot, after a unique solution, such as the treatment process of small zinc flowers or zinc powder, to manipulate the zinc flower below a certain level to obtain zinc-free flower commodities. The key to zinc non-ferrous metal commodities is to carry out further zinc non-ferrous metal solutions for pure zinc commodities after the zinc pot, and obtain a zinc-free, dark gray, dull and dull coating. The key to its main use is where further painting is suitable. Annealing temperature is a key processing process main parameter of galvanized steel coil process, annealing temperature is very harmful to the tensile strength of commodities. When the annealing temperature is low, the quenching is insufficient, the crystal is fine, the compressive strength is high, the elongation is low, the annealing temperature is too high and it is very easy to cause the crystal to appear abnormally thick, the tensile strength is reduced and the compressive strength is reduced more beneficially, and the goods are very prone to immediate rupture in the whole process of customer stamping die forming and Lashen.

The roughness of the raw material of galvanized steel coil will endanger the oil storage working capacity of its surface, and the roughness of the suitable coil steel is also very critical to the stamping die characteristics of the raw material. In addition, the selection of the amount of grease is very critical, the amount of grease is small, the raw materials are not sufficiently moistened in the whole process of the stamping mold, which will cause the raw material stamping die to crack, the amount of grease is too much, and the whole process of slitting and molding is very easy to mistrack.